Rachel Gertz Talk + Social

Stop scope creep Project management tips for creatives

Stop scope creep: Project management tips for creatives

Scope creep ruins creative projects. But it doesn’t have to ruin yours.

Join Rachel Gertz on July 18

Discover how to get ahead of scope creep (regardless of your position or seniority)

Think of your last nightmare project where requirements kept changing, but your timelines didn’t. 

These projects keep you awake at night — staring at the ceiling and re-reading emails until you feel like you’ll burst. 

We’re gonna fix that. 👆

Rachel Gertz has 15 years of experience managing complex projects and over eight years teaching project management to others. She has seen horrific cases of scope creep — and developed strategies to defend against it.

Finish your projects without nasty surprises

If you are a freelancer, run a creative studio, or work at an agency or brand — attend this Talk + Social to discover:

  • How to recognize the early warning signs of scope creep (and other red flags that ruin your projects)
  • Friendly scripts you can use when you get unreasonable requests. Worth noting: these non-combative replies will work for you regardless of your position or seniority
  • How to put out project fires — without sacrificing your sleep and sanity

Join us for drinks and pizza with talented local creatives — and discover how to get in control of scope creep once and for all.

Creative Pulse is a volunteer-driven organization that provides unpretentious events for Vancouver’s commercial creatives.

Grab a drink with talented designers, photographers, video professionals, and copywriters from every corner of the industry. Get inspired  — and find new collaborators!


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