Ami Sanyal Talk + Social

Join Ami Sanyal event for freelancers in Vancouver.

Thursday, Jan 25th at The Beaumont Studios (326 W 5th Ave)

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The Creative’s Guide: Eliminate Disappointed Clients—Without Being A People-Pleaser

Why do so many promising projects go sideways?

We may be trying too hard.

Join Ami Sanyal on Jan 25, 2024

Discover how to end project delays, keep clients coming back, and tackle higher-paying work (with less stress).

If you are a talented creative, you attract great projects.
But how often do your projects end with clients who are a little disappointed with your work?

You bend over backward for unreasonable demands, unending scope creep, and cryptic communication

…for what?
It gets ignored, and you finish the project with a bitter taste in your mouth.

Hey, we’re not here to judge — we get it.
Keeping clients happy shouldn’t be such an uphill battle.

And some creatives have found another way.

✅ They hit project deadlines,
✅ they manage expectations,
✅ and their clients come back with bigger projects and great referrals.

Plus, they get paid a LOT more (because they gain a reputation for being a trusted expert).

For Ami Sanyal — a Vancouver creative with 16 years of experience — the solution showed up when he stopped bowing to every absurd request.

Now, he launches projects with a sign-off on a simple (but comprehensive) brief that fits on two sheets of paper.

He points to this brief throughout the project to sidestep ALL of the most common client satisfaction killers.

On Jan 25, Ami will give you an exclusive “show-and-tell” walkthrough of his current project brief framework. He’ll also show you how to use this tool to anchor client expectations and streamline complex projects.

If you are a freelance creative or run a boutique studio in Vancouver, then attend this event to discover:

  • How to react to client feedback (what to say when people make revision requests that make you want to pull your hair out)
  • How to counter “death by committee” (if you’ve ever had a project sputter to a halt after a dozen people left opposing comments on your work…this is for you)
  • How to give scope-creep a roundhouse kick to the throat (while remaining professional and not upsetting a soul)
  • How to eliminate disappointed clients (without committing murder 🔪)

Join us at The Beaumont Studios for pizza and beers — and discover how to keep clients so happy about your work that they won’t shut up about it.

January 25, 2024

6:15pm: Doors open, pizza 🍕
6:30pm: Intros, housekeeping 🎙️
6:45pm: Ami’s talk 💡
7:35pm: Q+A, drinks, social 🍻

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Ami Sanyal – Founder of The Uncommoners Club

Ami has helped over 430 business owners connect with millions of prospects online. As a marketing consultant, copywriter, and coach for client-based business owners, Ami specializes in helping experts attract ideal clients — predictably. Formerly a freelance photographer, Ami has photographed celebrities like Jay-Z, Coldplay, and Olympic athletes. He’s the proud co-founder of Creative Pulse and has led its volunteer team since 2014.  



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