Alanna Munro Talk + Social

Knowledge sharing: Why smart creatives build in public

Knowledge sharing: Why smart creatives build in public

What happens if you show your peers and prospects the PROCESS behind your work?

Join Alanna Munro on May 30, 2024

How to use community to push your work forward

For years, Alanna Munro has worked independently on custom typefaces and design projects.

But during the pandemic, Alanna felt most of her community ties weaken. As a creative pro who works alone, her sense of independence threatened to become a form of isolation.

Inspired by game streamers, Alanna looked for a platform to develop her own creative community.

What started as a personal community-building project became so much more.

While most creatives share only their finished work—Alanna pulled back the curtain. She invites others to join her livestreams and watch her current work-in-progress develop in real-time.

In doing so, she not only found her community — she discovered an authentic way to stand out and push her business forward.

Building in public should NOT create anxiety

On May 30, Alanna will share her strategies for fostering online community through building in public — without becoming a professional YouTuber.

If you are a freelancer or studio principal, attend this Talk + Social to discover:

  • How to build an engaged community (if you crave more collaboration—this is a no-brainer)
  • How to ask for peer feedback and improve the quality of your work (without looking unprofessional)
  • How to leverage transparency to position yourself as an expert (this can be a powerful way to attract new clients)
  • How to manage privacy, idea theft, and overwork while building in public.

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