VDC Essentials: Presentation Skills May 2024

VDC Essentials: Presentation Skills

VDC Essentials: Presentation Skills

VDC is so excited to present (no pun intended) its first-ever event on presentation skills. 

Schedule: Tuesday May 21st, 2024
Location: Northeastern University – Vancouver


Welcome to the first installment of the VDC Essentials workshops! This event is ideal for designers at all levels seeking to enhance their communication skills both professionally and personally. Whether preparing for a stakeholder presentation, an interview with a potential employer, or a routine workplace presentation, this workshop has you covered. 💪

To ensure a successful event, VDC has partnered with David Kohler, an expert who will share strategies for crafting compelling presentations. Here’s a brief bio:

David (he/him) is an educator, mathematician, and leadership trainer who empowers professionals to maximize their impact. He is the principal of Metonomy. In this role, he assists leaders, designers, coaches, and facilitators in creating more meaningful human experiences. He does this by developing metaskills—enhancing one’s skills, expertise, and experience through social awareness, storytelling, engagement design, facilitation, and more.

In alignment with VDC’s mission to engage the community, following David’s presentation on presentation strategies, attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate with other community members. The task will be to create a pitch for a whimsical idea and present the solution to everyone. This provides a chance to practice these skills. Outstanding presentations may be rewarded with a small prize! 🎁

For those interested, here are the event details: 🔽

Arrival: 5:30pm
David Kohler Presentation: 6:00pm (45 mins)
Presentation Prep Time: ~6:45pm (30 mins)
Presentation Time: ~7:15pm (30-45 mins)
Networking: After presentations
This event is just the beginning, so get ready for more! 🌟

About Northeastern University

Founded in 1898, Northeastern is a global research university and a recognized leader in experiential lifelong learning. By integrating real-world experience with education, research, and innovation, Northeastern empowers its students, faculty, alumni, and partners to create a global impact.

Moreover, the university’s global system offers unique opportunities for academic, government, and industry partners to think locally and act globally. This system includes 14 campuses across the U.S., U.K., and Canada. It also encompasses over 300,000 alumni and 3,000 partners worldwide. Together, it serves as a platform for scaling ideas, talent, and solutions.

In 2019, Northeastern expanded to Vancouver. This marked the 11th campus in its global network. This expansion addresses the growing demand for talent in British Columbia’s high-tech sector.

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