KPU is pleased to announce the continuation of Big Pictures: Murals, Billboards, and Urban Interventions into its second year. This conference, centered around art and design, had its inaugural run in the spring of 2023 at the Wilson School of Design at KPU.


Date and time: May 10 + 11, 2024 
Location: Wilson School of Design at KPU

Organizer: KPU

Scheduled for May 10 and 11, 2024, this event invites participants to once again showcase their work and engage with fellow artists, designers, curators, producers, and researchers. Together, they will delve into the exploration of imagery’s significance within the urban landscape. Questions will be raised about how visual narratives are crafted or disrupted by the myriad signs and symbols that populate our cities. Moreover, discussions will revolve around the ways in which images mirror cultural values, fostering either a sense of empowerment or detachment. The conference will also explore the potential for meaningful experiences to emerge from interventions that disrupt the rhythms of daily life.

Throughout various mediums such as digital screens, neon displays, augmented reality, and artistic installations like murals, graffiti, and photography, messages intertwine amidst the bustling environments of cities worldwide.

They are currently seeking submissions for 300-word proposals that present projects or research intended for their in-person panel presentations.

The Big Pictures conference is an inclusive, dynamic environment, inviting participation from a wide range of creative and academic focuses, as well as practitioners from related industries. Each presentation will run 15-20 minutes, followed by questions. 

After the conclusion of the conference, participants have the option of submitting proposals for photo essays or written work of up to 2000 words for consideration in an upcoming Big Pictures publication. 


List of Potential Themes:

  • Festivals, exhibitions, and inspiring interactivity 
  • Decolonizing urban space, images and indigenization 
  • Urban interventions and community building 
  • Creating a sense of place, local voices and collaborative projects 
  • Billboards, advertising, and imagery that sells 
  • Screens, projections and transitory visuals 
  • Heritage, personal narrative, collective memory 
  • Media and augmented reality projects in the built environment 
  • Architecture and unexpected imagery 
  • Messages in neon, signage, and text installations 
  • Living walls and immersive landscape 
  • Placemaking through Play 
  • Making data visible 
  • Activating temporary and transitional public spaces
Rosaldo Damitan

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