AI Webinar – CAPIC

AI Webinar - CAPIC

AI Webinar – CAPIC

AI in Focus: Navigating the Future of Photography and Image Creators


Date and time: Wed, April 3, 2024 04:00 p.m.
Location: Online

Organizer: CAPIC

Join the pivotal discussion presented by the Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC) is highly encouraged. As the realm of photography experiences a notable shift due to the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, staying abreast of these developments and adapting accordingly has become increasingly crucial for industry professionals. This webinar serves not only as an event but as a guiding light, aiding photographers in navigating the changing landscape of AI within their field.

For CAPIC members, attendance is free of charge. Interested individuals can obtain their discount code by contacting the organization at

Embarking on a journey of discovery alongside esteemed panelists promises to be an enriching experience. Each panelist contributes a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to the conversation. This ensures a thorough exploration of the various dimensions of AI in photography.

Each panelist contributes a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise to the conversation, ensuring a thorough exploration of the various dimensions of AI in photography.

Roanie Levy

  • Role: Co-founder of Imprimo, former CEO of Access Copyright
  • Bio: As an internationally recognized champion of creator rights, Roanie bridges the worlds of intellectual property law, content rights management, and exponential technologies to represent and advocate for creators and rightsholders. With her extensive experience in IP law, content rights, and exponential technologies, she welcomes a future that leverages generative AI across sectors in a responsible and ethical way. She welcomes opportunities to engage with leaders to move the use of these powerful technologies forward responsibly and respectfully.

Carson Ting

  • Role: Founder & Creative Director of Chairman Ting
  • Bio: Carson got his start as an Art Director in Toronto after graduating from OCAD.He has been named as one of the top 200 best illustrators in the world by Luerzer’s Archive magazine. He runs his small Vancouver-based firm with his wife, working with global brands that include Mercedes-Benz Daimler AG, Adidas Originals, Microsoft, AT&T, Jameson Whiskey, The Web Awards, The NHL, and Red Bull Canada.

Eric Lavallée

  • Role: Lawyer and trademark Agent
  • Bio: His practice in the areas of intellectual property (patents, trademarks and software protection) has led him to take a particular interest in developments in artificial intelligence in recent years, particularly in terms of the protection of personal information, corporate governance and in the business law sector in general.

Amanda Macinnis

  • Role: FUZE Lead Agent & Executive Producer
  • Bio: Amanda graduated from Sheridan College with a degree in Applied Photography. Quickly jumping into an Artist Management position at a stock photography agency before arriving at FUZE Reps 13+ years ago. Her love of photography and production has grown leaps and bounds, learning everything she can about the industry and how to run a smooth ship. Amanda is a movie nerd with an affinity for the scary ones and she’ll never turn down a good cup of coffee or a stocked charcuterie board. 

By the end of this session, attendees will not only have a clearer understanding of the legal nuances and creative potential of AI in photography but will also be empowered to make informed decisions that propel their careers forward in this new digital age.

Join in leading the conversation and shaping the future of photography. Your perspective is vital as we embrace these cutting-edge developments and step into a new era of photographic artistry and innovation.

Rosaldo Damitan

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