Chris Miller & Dominic Wong – Solving Problems With Sharpies

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What if you could solve any problem with a Sharpie?

Last night Chris Miller and Dominic Wong (from Invoke Media) spoke at Creative Pulse. They talked to a jam-packed room about paper prototyping.

If you don’t know what paper prototyping is, it’s a smart way to solve problems. Here’s the basic idea:

  1. Sketch a rough solution
  2. Show it to people
  3. Use feedback to influence the next version (then repeat step 2)

This all happens fast, so you never invest a ton of time and money into an untested idea.

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What made this event extra-exciting was how hands on it was. After covering the basics of paper prototyping, Chris and Dom had the audience break into teams and told them to use a marker to illustrate solutions to a real-world problem. After sketching an idea out with our group, we traded work with other teams to get immediate feedback.

The guys at Invoke use this technique to test out ideas for apps and websites. But it can be used to solve many kinds of problems.

I can’t wait to see how our attendees use it in their own work.

Learn About Paper Prototyping

In case you missed this event, here’s the pitch deck by Chris and Dom. It links to a lot of useful resources.

Photos From Creative Pulse November 2015

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