How To Choose The Best Fonts & Typefaces For ANY Project

How do you find typefaces that don’t suck?

Alanna Munro used to spend a lot of time looking for typefaces for her design projects. The experience was frustrating.

First, there was the sifting through hundreds of thousands of font options. If one fit the project requirements (and budget)…there was a good chance it had a hidden shortcoming that would require hours of painful customization later on.

Alanna’s frustration motivated her to create Tofino, a full family of 74 styles that did just what she needed.

It wasn’t until she became a typeface designer that something unexpected happened.

Making a commercial typeface helped Alanna uncover shortcuts for finding and choosing the best typefaces for her projects — without wasting time or going over-budget.

In this talk, Alanna shares her step-by-step process for choosing typefaces.

Watch This Talk:

Want To Pick Typefaces That Don’t Suck?

We’ve summarized Alanna Munro’s talk into a 13-point checklist for choosing typefaces, so you can:

  • Find typefaces in your price range.
  • Quickly uncover the most common typeface flaws that will make your work look bad.
  • Get the licensing you need — so you don’t get caught breaking copyright by mistake.

Read this checklist to pick typefaces for any project.