The problem with my portfolio is…

behance portfolio review vancouver

Vancouver’s #BehanceReviews event is on Oct 28, 2015 at Brainstation.

This panel Q&A is a chance for creatives to get advice on how to improve their portfolio—and how they present it to clients and employers.

It’s shaping up to be an amazing event—a rare chance for ad/design pros to ask burning questions without feeling awkward. Our hope is that we put you on the path to landing your dream gig.

But before the big day arrives, we need your help.

Answer this question:

What’s your single biggest struggle when it comes to your portfolio or portfolio presentation?


Answer in the comments section below (be as detailed as you can)!

Ami Sanyal
Commercial Photographer at Ami Sanyal Photography
Ami is an international photographer, marketer and 3rd generation entrepreneur.

In 2014, Ami co-founded Creative Pulse to give Vancouver's commercial creatives a place to connect, get inspired and find new collaborators.