How Freelance Creatives Can Land Dream Projects

Finding and winning freelance projects — or jobs through online job boards is painful.

And the odds of landing your dream gig? That’s virtually impossible when you’re forced to compete with hundreds of other applicants.

So how do you develop a relationship with key decision-makers so you become the only candidate for your dream gig?

The key is in developing a reputation for giving value — and doing it before you ask to be hired.

One unorthodox way to accomplish this is guest posting.

In this episode of Clients From Hell, Ami Sanyal gives creatives his step-by-step strategy for:

  • Impressing publications so they allow you to guest post on their site (even if you’ve never written a blog post before)
  • A script you can steal for contacting your dream client (or dream boss) for the first time
  • How to deepen your relationship with decision-makers in an authentic way (no matter how junior or senior you are)

Listen to the complete podcast here:

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