623 Reasons Why Vancouver Needs A New Creative Community

Vancouver Needs A Creative Community

In 2013, I returned to Vancouver after nearly two years working as a freelance commercial photographer in Asia. The time away left me feeling disconnected from the local creative community.

So I started searching.

I quickly discovered that Vancouver has events that act as hubs for creatives in the advertising and marketing industry. Here’s my short list.

Events for Vancouver Creatives

1. Regular lecture series’

Pros: Inspiring and well organized
Cons: Format makes it difficult to build strong connections

2. Regular opportunities to connect with people

Pros: Fantastic for meeting people
Cons: Difficult to make time for during work hours.

3. Other

Pros: Exciting when they happen
Cons: Only occur occasionally

When asked, I’d happily recommend the events on this list to anyone.

At the same time, I realized that our city’s commercial creatives lacked an on-going event that takes place outside of work hours. We were missing a casual forum for enthusiastic professionals to conveniently connect, share inspiration and spark new collaborations.

How Creative Pulse Began

I met Natasha D’Souza at ProductYVR a month after returning to Vancouver. As an ad-gal (at DDB) she recognized firsthand that Vancouver’s commercial creatives were starving for a community.

So we decided to host a simple industry social for Vancouver’s advertising and marketing creatives.

The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Creative Pulse was born: a non-profit, volunteer organization that produces monthly events for creatives.

623 Reasons To Keep Going

12 months later, our volunteer team has grown and so has our reach. Attendees include creatives from agencies of all sizes (Cossette, Invoke, 123w, Rethink, etc) and many amazing freelancers.

Our reports tell me that we’ve had 623 event registrants in our first year. 623 exciting reasons to keep going!

While our team experiments with event concepts, every Creative Pulse event gives attendees opportunities to:

  1. Make real connections with like-minded creatives,
  2. Share and discover new inspiration,
  3. Find future collaborators

What’s Next?

We plan to keep serving our community by partnering with our city’s best creative leaders and resources.

No event organization can exist without weaknesses—we certainly have ours. That’s why we work with, learn from and promote other community-minded event organization in our industry. Together we hope to give creatives a complete spectrum of options.

We’re going to try new things and break rules. We’ll make mistakes—and hope you’ll forgive us when we do.

If all this resonates with you, let me know by signing up for our mailing list (below). I’ll invite you to be my guest at the next Creative Pulse.

I think you’ll like it.

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Ami Sanyal
Commercial Photographer at Ami Sanyal Photography
Ami is an international photographer, marketer and 3rd generation entrepreneur.

In 2014, Ami co-founded Creative Pulse to give Vancouver's commercial creatives a place to connect, get inspired and find new collaborators.

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