The Holiday Meetup For Creatives In Vancouver 2023

The Holiday Meetup For Creatives In Vancouver 2023

The Holiday Meetup For Commercial Creatives in Vancouver

Vancouver Design Check-In and Creative Pulse are combining forces to celebrate the end of 2023.

No talks.

No workshops.

Just casual drinks, good food…and a chance to meet with amazing folks from both communities.

Join us on Tuesday, December 12 at Dalina on Main. Feel free to bring a friend or significant others from outside the industry.

Donate Warm Clothing To The Homeless

This year we are collecting gently used warm clothing and (new) socks. After the event, our team will donate these items to the homeless on your behalf. Attendees are not obligated to donate clothing (although we hope you will)!

Space is limited; register now.

Creative Pulse is a volunteer-driven organization that provides unpretentious events for Vancouver’s commercial creatives.

Grab a drink with talented designers, photographers, video professionals, and copywriters from every corner of the industry. Get inspired  — and find new collaborators!


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