Design Jam: Using Design Thinking To Reimagine Broadway

Can design thinking enhance your effectiveness as a creative professional — while making our city a better place to live?

In this event, we showed creatives how to learn the stages of design thinking with the help of Vancouver Design Nerds.

Video – Dang Viet Toan with editing support from Skillen & Co

This Design Jam used real-world challenges to give you a practical understanding of design thinking methods, which you can apply in your work as a creative professional.

Freelancers, agency creatives, and creative industry leaders discovered:

  • New ideation methods to quickly generate, develop, and test ideas.
  • Frame, and reframe problem spaces from a variety of user perspectives
  • Techniques for examining the physical, social, and emotional needs of your audience.


The Challenge

In 2019, the City launched a two-year planning process to create a comprehensive plan for the Broadway area. 

The area boasts the second-largest job center in the province, the busiest bus line in North America, and the largest hospital in Western Canada.

Our Design Jam will help the City of Vancouver discover new ideas as they create a draft Broadway Plan.

Besides learning design thinking skills, your participation will also contribute to the future direction of the Broadway Plan area—precipitated by the Broadway Subway line beginning construction this fall. The area plan will focus on opportunities to integrate new housing, jobs, and amenities in the 485 city blocks spanning from Kitsilano to Mount Pleasant.


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