Join The Conversation


How do you connect with like-minded creatives…when you can’t meet anyone?

Sure, online tools are everywhere.

But quality conversations?

With people who will listen to you and understand where you’re coming from?

Those are hard to come by.

That’s why we Virtual Socials.

Grab a frosty beverage, microwave a frozen pizza, and pull up a comfy chair.

This web event will help you connect in a two-way conversation with creatives from within our local community.

We facilitate discussions that:
– Feel natural.
– Helps you to share challenges/ideas,
– And uncover new ways to support one another (and the greater community).

We then come together as a group to share insights and learnings.

We can’t wait to see you.Commercial creatives deserve to have passionate, sustainable careers and businesses that they’re proud of.

Since 2014, our volunteer-driven team has helped elevate creatives by connecting like-minded pros, sharing inspiration, and sparking new collaborations.

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