The freelancer’s guide to creating authentic marketing — that converts

Online Event
Thur, Nov 10, 1pm-3pm Pacific

The freelancer’s guide to creating authentic marketing — that converts

How to attract ideal clients to your creative business without wasting time

Join Ami Sanyal at this Creative Pulse online workshop on Nov 10th


You want to attract high-paying clients who value your creative expertise…
but your social posts never get seen — and no one cares about your mailing list blasts. 

How are you supposed to grow a business in 2022 when clients and algorithms filter out your marketing?

Ami Sanyal has spent 15 years testing marketing strategies — first as a freelance creative and then as a marketing agency owner. 

After countless experiments, he developed The 6-S Framework — a step-by-step method for developing marketing that converts.

While most marketing strategies are designed for large organizations — The 6-S Framework is easy to execute for small business owners and freelancers who have limited resources and technical marketing expertise.

Marketing your business should be exciting — and it shouldn’t feel like a complicated obligation.

On Nov 10th, Ami will show you how to use this marketing framework, so qualified clients WANT to reach out and explore working with you.

If you are a freelance creative, or run a boutique studio, then attend this online workshop to discover:

  • Why your clients should produce ALL your marketing material for you (and how to get them to do it…without realizing it 🤫)
  • How to bring authenticity to your messages (because copying your favorite creative isn’t a good long-term plan)
  • A simple tool for evaluating and improving weak content in minutes (if you ever put off publishing because something “isn’t quite right,” you will love this)
  • A shortcut for testing marketing ideas — fast. This will allow you to create data-driven marketing that attracts new clients for years (even if algorithms change).

This keynote was first produced for Small Business BC’s “Build, Grow, Thrive” — an in-person event with over 690 registrations.

Join us live for this updated edition for freelance creatives — and discover a better way to attract and win premium clients.

Ami Sanyal – Founder of The Uncommoners Club

Ami has helped over 430 business owners connect with millions of prospects online. As a marketing consultant and coach for client-based business owners, Ami specializes in helping experts attract ideal clients — predictably. Formerly a freelance photographer, Ami has photographed celebrities like Jay-Z, Coldplay, and Olympic athletes. He’s the proud co-founder of Creative Pulse and has led its volunteer team since 2014.