Eric Joseph Lee Talk + Social

The Creative's Guide: Find meaningful work using the Design Thinking Process

The Creative's Guide: Find meaningful work using the Design Thinking Process

Re-design your path as a creative pro

Join Eric Joseph Lee on June 27, 2024

Navigate through change, instability, and fear as a commercial creative

If you are working as a creative in Vancouver right now … you know how hard it is out there:

delayed projects, shrinking budgets, and thousands of layoffs.

Eric Joseph Lee was frustrated with the direction he was heading in as a designer.
He felt like he was swimming against the current — and he was tired of fighting to do work he didn’t find satisfying.

So, he decided to apply design thinking principles to help him leverage his experience, interests, and skills in a new way.

It was an unorthodox move. But design thinking gave him a reliable framework that allowed him to get curious —  and uncover a new professional path.

Find clarity and confidence as a creative

On June 27, Eric will share his process for finding meaningful work — even when the local creative industry is floundering.

If you freelance or have a job in creative services, attend this Talk + Social to discover:

  • How Eric uses design thinking to come up with options for new roles or client niches (without feeling overwhelmed)
  • How to test your best ideas — without recklessly ignoring your existing responsibilities and needs
  • How to stand out and impress decision-makers (make your competition irrelevant)
  • How to manage self-doubt and imposter syndrome as you step into new roles and communities

Join us for drinks and pizza with talented local creatives
— and discover new ways to thrive as a creative professional.

Creative Pulse is a volunteer-driven organization that provides unpretentious events for Vancouver’s commercial creatives.

Grab a drink with talented designers, photographers, video professionals, and copywriters from every corner of the industry. Get inspired  — and find new collaborators!


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