The Creative Cross-Training Experiment | Creative Pulse at /Archive

Thursday, Feb 23, 6:00pm
/Archive, 97 E 2nd Ave
Enter from the alley behind Steel Toad Brewery
Vancouver, BC

How does picking up a new creative habit influence your main work?

What happens when you stop limiting yourself to the creative label printed on your business card?

This month we’re playing in the area outside our expertise—and exploring the opportunities that appear when we step outside of our comfort zone.

What Is Creative Cross-Training?

Athletes use cross-training to work on an area that will affect their primary sport (eg. snowboarders can bike to improve leg strength and balance). Creative cross-training is similar: learn a new creative skill to get better at your primary craft.

A designer could learn to code. An illustrator could learn piano.

The actual skill doesn’t matter, so long as it’s new to you.

The Creative Cross-Training Experiment Forces You To Embrace Creativity In A New Way

Join us on Thursday, Feb 23rd.

Join us at the next Creative Pulse to hear about our own creative cross-training experiments. We’ll facilitate some light-hearted creative cross-training sessions (flex your creative muscles with options like simple origami or smartphone stop motion).

We’ll also share ideas and a simple framework for starting your own 30-day Creative Cross-Training Experiment.
Creatives of all backgrounds can use creative cross-training to:

  • Collaborate more effectively with other creatives and co-workers
  • Re-discover the excitement of expressing your creativity in a totally new way
  • Learn something you’ve always wanted to learn

Join us at /Archive (behind Steel Toad Brewery) for tasty beverages and snacks—and embrace your creativity in a brand new way.

Feb 23, 2017

6:00pm: Doors open
6:15pm: Intros + housekeeping
6:30pm: A look at our creative cross-training experiment
6:45pm: Mini cross-training sessions (eg. origami, stop motion)
7:30pm: Regroup, Q+A, drinks

Space is limited; register now.

Creative Cross-Training Facilitators

Attendees will be randomly assigned to a group.

Alanna Munro
Hand lettering for beginners

Trevor Jansen
Smartphone stop motion for beginners

Celia Chung
Origami for beginners

Kylie Mangles
Cookie design for beginners

Organized by Creative Pulse

Creative Pulse is a volunteer-driven organization that provides unpretentious events for Vancouver’s commercial creatives.

Grab a drink with like-minded professionals, get inspired and find new collaborators!



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