Brainstorming For Remote Teams: A Creative Leader’s Guide For Sparking Engagement And Ideas | Creative Pulse Talk

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Thursday, May 28, 6pm-7:30pm PDT


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Brainstorming For Remote Teams:
A Creative Leader’s Guide For Sparking Engagement And Ideas

Join Brian Krenzer at Creative Pulse on Thursday, May 28.


If you are a creative leader, then you know that working remotely has made team brainstorming harder than ever.

How do you bring great ideas out of your team in a digital environment?

For 17 years, Brian Krenzer thrived while leading in-person collaborations as a Creative Director, Art Director, and Strategist at agencies.

When he left agency-life to become an independent creative director, Brian discovered how hard it was to facilitate creative ideation online.

He missed body language cues. There are more distractions and technical disruptions. And the loudest person on the call ran the show.

Over time, Brian tested several ways to better foster creativity from his partners and clients.

Now his teams deliver ideas and campaigns for brands like GoDaddy and UCLA Health—often under rapid deadlines.

On May 28th, Brian will share the tools and frameworks that he relies on now to get the most out of his creative collaborators.

Agency leaders can attend this event to find:

  1. Frameworks for facilitating creativity from online teams.
  2. Tools you can use to streamline your creative process, and
  3. Recommended tech in case you’re just realizing that your current setup isn’t going to work long-term.

Join this online event for creative professionals — and discover how to get your remote team to contribute great ideas with more enthusiasm (and less stress).

Brian Krenzer | Creative Director

Brian has 20 years of experience in advertising agencies in Canada and the United States and is now delivering smarter creative as an independent creative director. He has led global brands, built incredibly talented teams, and produced award-winning digital experiences that get results.

He’s built a community for a hospital system during our current pandemic, engaged millions with the click of a single smart-assed button, decapitated an iconic brand mascot, and helped bring innovation to breakfast with the invention of the Nutella Spife.

He leads remote creative teams with his no-ego, data-fueled approach to digital marketing. Brian has won international recognition for brands such as; Alpo, Chips Ahoy, Oscar Mayer, AT&T, UCLA Health, GoDaddy, Playstation, Nutella, Tic Tac, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Surprise, and Destination BC.

May 28, 2020

6pm – 7:30pm: Brian’s Talk

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